STEM Insight Days

Science Oxford have announced their new opportunity for Year 8 - 10 students!

This May half-term, Science Oxford will be running two STEM Insight Days!

A STEM Insight Day is a one-day immersive experience giving students in Years 8-10 an insight into the world of STEM careers.

When are where will they take place?

There will be two STEM Insight Days taking place this May half-term, these are on 28th and 30th May, and will take place at the Science Oxford Centre in Headington.

Take Action: Find full details and apply online.

What will it involve?

Each STEM Insight Day will involve 3 main parts:

  1. STEM Career Skills - learn about skills that will help you succeed in a STEM career
  2. STEM Careers 'Challenge' - work in teams to solve a series of STEM-related challenges
  3. Hear first-hand from an expert - hear from the real-life STEM professionals 

How can I apply?

You can find full details about the STEM Insight Days and apply online by visiting the Science Oxford website.

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