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We're currently running a campaign to promote our Targeted Youth Support Service

We are currently running a campaign focused on promoting our Targeted Youth Support Service.  

About the campaign

The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness of the Targeted Youth Support Service and how they can support local young people 11-18 who are facing difficulty.  

You might spot our campaign on Facebook or Instagram, but you might also see some posts on our X and TikTok.

Download our toolkit 

School or settings in Oxfordshire can download a copy of our campaign toolkit and posters to share in your space or online, this includes images for screens and social media. You can also request posters by emailing oxme@oxfordshire.gov.uk

About the service

At time everyone needs a little support. The Oxfordshire Targeted Youth Support Service (TYSS) can help. Develop healthy relationships, overcome difficulties, build like skills, and reach your potential.

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