Meet our Youth Work Apprentice

Youth Work Apprentice Aleks
Hear about Aleks's apprenticeship journey so far

This Youth Work Week we wanted to learn more about our Youth Work Apprentice, Aleks's role in the Targeted Youth Support Service and what he's looking forward to learning and experiencing. 

What are you looking forward to in your apprenticeship?

I'm looking forward to having my own caseload of young people to support, and getting stuck in and learning more and getting used to the role.

I'm also looking forward to completing my degree and achieving the best grade possible. 

What have you enjoyed so far?

Two of my highlights so far include shadowing a Youth Worker at Oxford United training ground, and attending an Outreach programme in Witney.

I particularly enjoyed the session at Oxford United as myself and the young people shared a common interest in football. I found this made it easier to engage with, and build trust with the young people.

What has brought you to this role?

I really enjoy helping people and I find it rewarding to think that you can have a positive impact in the young person's life and help them to make a positive change and create connections. 

I also like the thought of an apprenticeship so I can earn whilst learning and gaining a degree.

What have you seen or learnt so far? 

I've been spending time shadowing people in my team, which has been interesting. I enjoyed seeing how they can adapt engage with different young people.

What does youth work mean to you?

For me, youth work means guiding and supporting young people to make the right decisions and choices. It also means listening and being an ear to them.

Any final words?

I would encourage people to get into this role because it's so rewarding. 

Find out more about the Targeted Youth Support Service.

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