Work Experience in Oxfordshire

Try out new things, improve your CV, explore the workplace and enjoy the experience of getting a job done well
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Work experience involves spending time with a real employer, working alongside employees. It is a great way to experience the roles and responsibilities of real jobs.

Most people get some work experience before they start seeking work.

Crucial: All students should have work experience, this is usually during year 10 and organised by your school or college. Many schools and colleges also include work experience during year 12. If you are not sure who your work experience co-coordinator is, ask your teacher.

Work Experience while at school

Most Oxfordshire schools will help you arrange your work experience. They will help you find a one or two week placement. Sometimes you may have to seek out a placement yourself. This is good practice for applying for jobs. Lots of different employers offer work placements to students. Sometimes the work experience is in a workplace, sometimes it is online, and sometimes it will be partly online with some time in the workplace. This is sometimes called blended work experience. 

Experience: I was grateful to be given the chance to find out about the service and be able to develop my IT skills. I also got to learn how to work in the office environment and to be more independent when tasks were set. -Bonnie, 15

Work experience while job-seeking

Work experience isn’t just for when you’re at school. Doing work experience, volunteering, or an internship lets you get more experience for your CV. You can gain work readiness skills such as:

  • Working well with other people
  • Responding well to advice or criticism
  • Managing your time
  • Reliability
  • Confidence
  • Writing, IT or technical skills
  • Commitment and motivation.

You can get work experience through volunteering, Traineeships, ready-for work programmes (ask your JobCentre+ advisor or a worker at a NEET drop-in or Job Club), and through local Training Providers.

Crucial: Doing work experience is useful, but you must also be in learning until you are 18, this can be an apprenticeship.

Gap Years, Summer Schemes and Internships

Because work experience is so important, there are lots of different choices for young people. Some can be done alongside learning. But others, like a Gap Year, would require a break from learning.

What you decide to do doesn't need to be related to your chosen career, if you have one.

Experience: Most people have some breaks in employment when they are moving from learning to work, applying for jobs, between short contracts or waiting for agency , but don't worry, you can turn this to your advantage. Although work experience is unpaid, you might get expenses or free training. You always gain something from your work experience, even if it’s realising you never want to work in that industry! Whatever job you take on, record the responsibilities you had and anything you learnt from them to add to your CV - Hattie

Work experience with

Every year, young people from Oxfordshire schools work on as part of our work experience scheme at Oxfordshire County Council. Young people have worked on development, design, user testing, creating content, and more. 

Work experience with is closed for this year.

Here's a piece one of our work experience students wrote:

My name is Liam, I’m 15 years old and I have spent a fantastic week doing work experience for Oxfordshire County Council.


After receiving my placement from my school, I wrote a letter to the team confirming and thanking them for my placement. I received an e-mail within the next three days containing all the information about my placement, including what I would be doing. I was really excited as it was an opportunity to try and learn completely new things. 


I was quite nervous before I started but upon meeting the team I was warmly welcomed. I was first given a quick tour of the building and was pleasantly surprised by it as you can’t really see in from the outside so I didn’t know what to expect. Before starting work, I had to complete some training courses which took about two hours in total. Although this sounds like a long time, the courses were quite interesting as they were full of information I didn’t know before. 


Throughout the week I learnt loads of new skills such as creating and editing posts for the website and how to use lots of programs that are used regularly in the office. I really enjoyed my time here! The working environment is also great. The desks are spacious and the chairs are really comfy! The office is also quite peaceful when compared to school which is really great.


There is a great sense of independence as you can make lots of decisions about your work and choose when you take your breaks. It’s also great to open all the doors using the temporary pass you will be given at the start of each day.


I would recommend applying for work experience no matter what your interests are. It’s great fun and is a fantastic opportunity to learn lots of new skills and perfect older ones. It feels completely different to school and is a great break from the school environment to try something new.

Work experience with is closed for this year.

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Posted by Valli Yanni
Posted ago
Looking for a work experience in the summer for our son who is almost 16, doing his GCSE this year. He is interested in studying engineering for university. Any advice? Thanks.

Hello, normally it would be your school or college organising work experience but a couple of the more interesting opportunities in Oxfordshire are: Rutherford Appleton Laboratory which is located in Didcot, and Science Oxford which also run regular clubs and activities for young people interested in science and engineering.

Hi im inquiring on behalf of my daughter Hannah who wishes to experience Laboratory environment particularly in research. she is studying triple science and feels that a career along this path would incredibly interesting and satisfying. could you please forward some advise on how to secure year 10 work experience for this year within your industry. thank you in anticipation. Vince
Posted by
Posted ago

In reply to by VINCE COULL (not verified)

Hello, normally it would be your school or college organising work experience but a couple of the more interesting opportunities in Oxfordshire are: Rutherford Appleton Laboratory which is located in Didcot, and Science Oxford which also run regular clubs and activities for young people interested in science and engineering.

Posted by Erica Styles
Posted ago
Hello, I'm looking for ideas for a Yr 10 work placement for my son who is interested in sport? Many thanks

Hello, thank you for your comment. I recommend that you contact local Gyms and Leisure Centres directly to see if they offer work experience placements.  

Posted by M Taylor
Posted ago
Could you please advise on the minimum age for students to undertake work experience placements? Also, do OCC have a department that organises work experience placements or a database of employers willing to be involved?

Thank you for your enquiry, M Taylor. Organising Work Experience is the responsibility of the school or college. Schools usually organise work experience in Year 10, though some choose to wait until Year 11. Work experience may also take place during 16+ education. It would be very unusual to do work experience at a younger age, although some kinds of work (for example, acting or modelling) are done at younger ages (see working legally for more details).

Oxfordshire County Council do not have a department with responsibility for organising work experience and we do not hold a database of local employers.

Posted by Claudia McDonald
Posted ago

Hi I’m looking for work experience for my son in Yr 10. He is interested in digital art. Do you have any ideas please.
Many thanks

Hello Claudia, thank you for your comment. In Year 10 it should be down to your son's school, so I would recommend your son speaks with his careers adviser or work experience coordinator, or their head of year. 

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