Not sure of your next steps?

16+ Not sure where you are learning or training this autumn? Get support now
Collected your exam results and not sure of your next steps? Support is available

All young people need to stay in learning until age 18. But this does not mean having to stay at school if you are ready for a change.

Whether exam results were a surprise, or you're not sure where you'll be studying this autumn, it's time to take action.

There is a place in learning for everyone - guaranteed. 

Crucial: All young people must start in learning until age 18.If you don't have September plans or need more support, contact the EET Team.

Where do I start?

A good place to start is talking to your current learning provider. They should provide support to help you find another learning destination if you not continuing with them.

Take Action: You can visit your local FE College to ask about courses and late sign-ups, which are available until the beginning of term.

Ready for work?

From age 16 you can start an apprenticeshipYou can apply for these throughout the year, but now is a great time to make applications.

If you're interested in work with training (like an apprenticeship) you can sign up to our Hot Jobs newsletter to receive our top opportunities weekly.

Good to know: If you need to retake your Maths and English, your learning or apprenticeship provider will support you to do this. You can also retake with local learning providers, such as EMBS who also offer flexible learning to suit your needs. You can join EMBS for their Enrolment Days on 5-8th September.

Support from the EET Team

Not sure what you're doing next? Problems getting in the way of learning? You can access support with planning your next steps and addressing problems, like caring receptibilities, substance misuse , or mental health concerns from the Education, Employment and Training Team by completing this short online form.

Instant Expert: Learn more about your options and support available on our Results Day Hub

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