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Complete this form to register your 16+ learning destination with Oxfordshire County Council

You can complete this form to register your 16+ learning destination with Oxfordshire County Council. 

You can also use it to request support if you are NEET (age 16+ and not in education, employment or training).

You can also sign up for our weekly Hot Jobs newsletter, which lists opportunities, jobs and apprenticeships for younger job-seekers.

Completing this form helps us to support you better.

Crucial: If you know you need referral to the EET Service you can use the EET Referral form.

Register Your Learning Destination 

Only young people aged 16-19 (up to 25 if there are learning difficulties or disabilities) should update their data using this form.
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This helps us keep your records up to date. If not in education, employment or training, say NEET.
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Use this space to tell us what your learning plans are for September 2024
Use this place to tell us the name of your employer, school, college or learning provider for September 2024
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