Thinking about September plans?

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Information to help you think about and plan your next steps

All young people need to stay in learning until age 18. But this does not mean having to stay at school if you are ready for a change.

What are my options?

You might already know what you're doing this September, but if you don't, it can be helpful to research your options to see which suit you best.

Your options include:

Take Action: Already have your September plans in place? You can let us know where you'll be studying.

Open Events

Open Events are an opportunity to explore your options in-person, take a tour of the facilities, meet teaching staff, and ask any questions you have. 

Upcoming events include:

Take Action: Download a copy of the Post-Year 11 Guide for more information and advice about next steps.

Finding apprenticeships 

If you're interested in doing an apprenticeship, it can be useful to start researching opportunities and making early applications. 

Places to look for apprenticeships include: 

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