Apprenticeships let you start working and earning money while you learn, build skills and gain qualifications.

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Get an apprenticeship

With an apprenticeship you can earn money, gain qualifications, and start your career fast

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Am I work ready?

Education is coming to an end and the workplace beckons - how can you make sure you are ready for work?

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Basic skills

Basic skills are the key skills you need in study and life, and include Maths, English and ICT

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Careers in construction

Construction isn't just for labourers and isn't just building - IT, Engineering, Site Management and Administration all play their part, and there are good opportunities for everyone.

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Careers in ICT

Jobs in ICT come in all different varieties - find out how you can get started in the field, and get a job that suits your needs!

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Careers in Law

There are many job opportunities for someone interested in law. Find what job suits you and your needs!

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Go to College

Continuing with education after GCSEs is a popular choice, with lots of different ways to learn

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Training Providers

Local training providers offer alternative options for 16+ learning, including community-based programmes, engagement, and specialist support

two happy young people reading exam results together

Results Day

Results day can feel like an anxious time. But even if your results are not what you hoped you can still find a great place to study