Become an Apprenticeship Ambassador

Hear about the Oxfordshire Apprenticeship Ambassador scheme and how you can get involved
Oxfordshire Apprenticeship Ambassadors

The Oxfordshire Apprenticeship Ambassador scheme gives local apprentices an opportunity to raise awareness of apprenticeships and help inspire future apprentices. 

Becoming an Apprenticeship Ambassador is brilliant experience and great for you CV!

Take Action: If you are interested in becoming an Apprenticeship Ambassador you can contact OxLEP via

What's involved?

Before becoming an ambassador you'll complete a training and preparation day where you'll get to learn more about the role have and opportunity to develop your presentation skills. 

Once you have completed the training day you are ready to become an ambassador.

Ambassadors do things like careers fairs, school assemblies, and employer briefings where you can share your apprenticeship story. 

Take action: Meet current apprenticeship ambassadors and hear their apprenticeship stories. 

Why should I become an ambassador?

By becoming an apprenticeship ambassador you will get to:

  1. Attend lots of exciting events
  2. Meet other apprentices
  3. Develop your presentation skills

You will also be able to add this onto your CV when applying for future apprenticeships or jobs. 

Instant Expert: Have questions about the Apprenticeship Ambassador scheme? Contact OxLEP to find out more.

In this short video you will hear three apprenticeship ambassadors talk about why should consider doing an apprenticeship. 

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