Contraception, including condoms, the pill, long acting reversible contraceptives and emergency hormonal contraception, prevent conception (getting pregnant)


Choosing contraception

There lots of different kinds of safe, reliable contraception available from your health service

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Emergency Contraception

If your contraception has failed, you can take steps to prevent getting pregnant, find out how

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Condoms & Safety C-Card

The safety C-Card is a way of getting free condoms and sexual health advice for all young people aged under 25 in Oxfordshire

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Ready or Not & the Law

Most people do not have sex until after the age of consent (16). Many people leave it for longer. How can you know if you are ready to have sex?

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Sexual Health

It's important to know the facts on how to keep yourself and your partner sexually healthy before you start having sex.

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Finding a GP (Doctor)

Everyone should be registered with a local GP (Doctor) so that they can get health support and treatment