Drugs and Alcohol

The risks of illegal drugs, tobacco and alcohol, and how you can protect yourself and your friends

Young people drinking by some garages


Children and young people in Oxfordshire can get help if there are issues with drugs or substance misuse

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Illegal Highs

New drug-like substances are sometimes known as ‘legal highs.' But they are illegal and have serious health risks. People who buy and sell 'legal highs' are breaking the law.

Young people on a camping trip

Alcohol & safer drinking

Every year, young people drink less alcohol. But for some, drinking heavily and getting drunk is still a risk

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Stop smoking

Information on how to get help if you, or someone you care for is smoking

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Cannabis is illegal in the UK and evidence shows it may be particularly risky for young people

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Drugs Exploitation

Information about support for young people in Oxfordshire who are vulnerable to drugs exploitation or being exploited.

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e-cigarettes and vaping

Vaping is an alternative to smoking. There are still risks to health. The safest thing is not to smoke at all.

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Staying out of Trouble

If you are worried that you or your friends are getting into trouble, there are things you can do to help