Healthy Mind

Knowing how to improve your happiness and mental health will help you feel better throughout your life

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Activities Oxfordshire

Activities Oxfordshire lists activities, services, clubs and other things to do and places to go for young people aged 13-19 (up to 25 with learning difficulties and disabilities).

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Self Harm

Self harm: spotting the signs, identifying risks and helping someone at risk

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Depression is a mental health condition which is common and treatable

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Stress and anxiety

Everyone feels stressed sometimes and it can be useful and motivate your mind. But if you feel too much stress, too often, and can't calm down, then there may be a problem.

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Everybody feels sad from time to time. But when feelings are getting out of control, you need to talk to someone right away.

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If you or someone you know is having difficulties with bullying, you can take action

Girl looking after a younger, disabled sister

Are you a young carer?

Young carers look after someone at home who has extra needs, for example an illness, disability or addiction

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Why should you take part in art?

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Eating disorders

Support yourself or someone you know who might have an eating disorder

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Football is one of the most exciting sports in the world and it brings a variety of people together

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Being homeless is dangerous, stressful, bad for your health and stops you getting on with your life - know how to avoid it

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Mental Health Conditions

Mental health conditions are very common, around 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime

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Mental Wellbeing

Information, tips and where to access support when you're feeling down.

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Why you should pick up an instrument if you haven’t already!

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School stress

Everyone feels stressed about school sometimes, but if it's a regular problem for you, it's time to get help



Learn all about sleep, including the benefits and top tips for getting your perfect night's sleep!

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Staying Healthy and Happy

Taking action to stay support your health and wellbeing helps you live life to the full while you are growing up

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Swimming is a great form exercise whatever your age or ability

A female doctor speaks to a young male patient

Finding a GP (Doctor)

Everyone should be registered with a local GP (Doctor) so that they can get health support and treatment

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When someone dies

When someone or something dies, there is no right or wrong way to feel - the experience is different for everyone