Pregnancy Choices

Choices you may need to think about if you are pregnant
Pregnancy choices

Unplanned pregnancies can happen after sex, even if you have used contraception. Every woman has the right to decide for herself what choices she will make. For some people, making a decision about pregnancy is easy. For others it might be difficult.

Crucial: However easy or hard you find the decision, it is your decision to make. The more you feel you have made your own choice, the better you will feel in the future.

Have you confirmed your pregnancy? If you haven't, then your first step is to get a pregnancy test. You can get a free pregnancy test and advice from your GP, Sexual Health Clinic or School Health Nurse. Alternatively you can buy one from a pharmacy.

If you are fewer than 24 weeks pregnant (a doctor can tell you how far along you are) there are three options available to you and you have the right to choose any one of them:

  • Continuing the pregnancy and raising the child
  • Continuing the pregnancy and placing the child for adoption
  • Ending the pregnancy by having an abortion

Instant Expert: Statistics show that in Oxfordshire most young women under the age of 16 choose to have an abortion.

Whatever you do there is plenty of help and support available. Your local Sexual Health Clinic can offer counselling regarding your options. They can also refer you for an abortion should you decide that is what you want to do.

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