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Learning is a huge part of all young people's lives. Most young people learn at school.
Five young people wear the uniforms of different jobs in front of a globe

After home, school is where most young people spend most of their time. 

Find information about your school from your school's website or the schools pages on the Oxfordshire County Council website.

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Schools are places to learn, and also places to take part in activities like sports, arts and more.

Crucial: Some children learn at home. As well as organising their learning, their parents or carers support them to enjoy social and other activities with other young people.

Where can I go to school?

Parents must apply to get an Oxfordshire school place for their child. Many parents visit the school first, to find out what it's like. Most young people go to a school near to them.

Other kinds of schools, for example private schools, have their own application schemes.

Absence and exclusion

You should be at school every day unless you are ill, or if your parents or carers have requested time off for urgent reasons.

It is very important to attend school every day.

Crucial: Children who are ill for a long time are supported by the Oxfordshire Hospital School. They make sure you get the education you are entitled to, even if you are ill.

Being excluded happens when you have done or said things that are against your school's behaviour rules. Find out more about being excluded.

Crucial: Many people worry about bullying at school, but support is available.

Travel to School

Did you know? Getting physically active can help boost your school results. But it doesn't have to be sport. Active Travel is a great way to build exercise into your day. Active travel means doing exercise when you're going to your school, college, university or workplace. Hundreds of thousands of people use it as a great way to get fit, help the environment and enjoy their travel time. Active travel includes:

  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Jogging or running

You school may have schemes to encourage active travel, sport, and exercise. Taking advantage of these is a great way to make sure you get and keep the exercise habit. Find out more about travel to school in Oxfordshire

Crucial: The NHS recommend an hour of moderate to vigorous activity every day for children and young people. Including your travel to school or college is a great way to make sure you hit this target.

Work experience

As part of your education between the ages of 15 and 16, your school will help you arrange a work experience placement. You school may find you a placement or you can agree it with an organisation you want to work with. Your school will check that the placement is safe and suitable.

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