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Every young person in Oxfordshire can access high-quality information and guidance about learning and careers choices
IAG Advisor and student

Careers information, advice and guidance is available to young people in Oxfordshire, aged 13–19, and those aged up to 25 with additional needs.

If you are at school, college, or sixth form, your school or college will provide you with information, advice and guidance. You can also get careers information, advice, and guidance at local open days, job fairs and events

If you're aged 16+ you can download this Post-16 booklet to explore your learning options.

Crucial: You can also access information, advice and guidance right here on oxme, just click on the "chat live" button and speak to one of our advisors. Out of hours you can leave a message and we'll get back to you the next working day.

What sort of help can you get?

Advisors are there to help you:

  • Find education, training, and work
  • Find voluntary or personal development opportunities
  • Develop your skills, especially those related to work and training

Advisors can also help you access a huge range of other advice and guidance services on other issues that may be affecting your life, such as health (including sexual health, pregnancy and problems with drugs or alcohol), being a Young Carer or if you have issues at home or are homeless.

Crucial: If you are aged 16-19, and not in employment or training, you can also get support from the EET Support Service


The EET Support Service provides one-to-one support for young people aged 16-18 who are Not in Employment, Education or Training (NEET), and who need extra help to re-engage with learning. Support includes one-to-one phone or face to-face meetings, information and guidance, and other support to find a learning or training destination, including case work and referral on to other services where there is a need.  


Register online for the EET Support Service.

Not at school or college?

If you are not at school or college, you are still able to get support from the EET Support Service if you are aged 16-19 and not in employment, education or training.

You can also contact the National Careers Service

You can also get some support right here:

  • Chat online to workers 10am-4pm, Monday to Friday, leave a message out of hours
  • Link up with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Sign up to our Hot Jobs newsletters
  • Register your details with us to receive regular email bulletins about opportunities, courses, jobs, apprenticeships and enter our monthly competition!
  • Register with the EET Support Service, if you are aged 16-19 and are Not in Education, Employment or Training and need more help to re-engage with learning

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Posted by Sophie White
Posted ago
I am in Year 12 and now not sure of my choices .I originally wanted to be a nurse but my grades are lower so now not sure what to do .Any advice pls

Hi Sophie, thanks for your enquiry. If you're in Y12 at school, someone at your school should be able to provide you with information and guidance about careers in healthcare, so please ask at school. In the meantime, here are some links to information that may help with your job-search.

Nursing is a brilliant work area with very high demand, and lots of different and varied jobs. The best place to start looking and find out about requirements is on the NHS Careers Website. While one route into nursing is via studying nursing at university, there are also other routes like apprenticeships and traineeships. These may require fewer qualifications, and depend more on the passion and capabilities of the individual.

There are also other careers within the health area, such as being a Healthcare Assistant and Maternity Support Worker and which are available to people with fewer qualifications. You can find information about these jobs, including what qualifications they need, on the National Careers Service website.

Finally, you may wish get a look at the sort of jobs being advertised now - is the NHS job finder and gives you a good overview of jobs available within the NHS. There are also jobs in private care homes, and home care - you can find some of them advertised here.

The important things is not to become discouraged. Many people choose to do extra work to improve grades, but having other plans ready (different job roles, or applying for an apprenticeship, for example) as back up plans can also be very useful.

I wish you all the best - and don't forget that doing volunteering or work experience in your chosen job area can also be very useful, as it demonstrates both your determination and that you can manage the work.

Posted by Anna Jones
Posted ago
The Museum of Natural History currently has a Collections and Outreach Apprenticeship vacancy (deadline 20th March) This is a scheme aimed at non-graduates living in the UK. We would like to circulate to Oxfordshire secondary schools and profile through the OXME Careers and Education Information, Advice and Guidance service Please can you advise on the best person to contact/approach to do this Thank you very much Anna

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