Choices at 16

At age 16, you need to stay in education or training until you are 18. This does not mean that you have to stay in school, there are lots of different options.

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Get an apprenticeship

With an apprenticeship you can earn money, experience work, gain qualifications and start your career - fast.

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A-level choices

A-level choices are both difficult and important decisions to make. But here is the information that you need to know before making your choices.

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Career Options

Figuring out what you want to do for work can be confusing, here are resources to help you explore your options.

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Go to College

Continuing with education after GCSEs is a popular choice, with lots of different ways to learn

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Leaving school

If you're leaving school at 16, you'll still have to stay in learning, but their are plenty of options available to you.


Moving from school to college

Leaving school to move to a different learning environment can sometimes be stressful. But, wider choices, different ways of working and diferent opportunities make it the right choice for some young people.

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Out of learning?

Dropped out of education or had to leave? Aged 16-19, or up to 25 with learning difficulties or disabilities? Here's what you need to do: