Learning choices

You need to stay in learning until you are 18 - but choices at 14+ and 16+ mean you can choose the learning that suits you.

Car mechanic apprentice stood under a car holding a spanner and smiling for the camera

Get an apprenticeship

With an apprenticeship you can earn money, gain qualifications, and start your career fast

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A-level choices

Making choices about post-16 learning including A-levels is an exciting time with lots of interesting choices

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Avoiding Exclusion

Being excluded from school doesn't just interrupt learning. It can also have a bad impact on your future.

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Career Options

Figuring out what you want to do for work can be confusing, here are resources to help you explore your options

Two builders measuring wood

Careers in construction

Construction isn't just for labourers and isn't just building - IT, Engineering, Site Management and Administration all play their part, and there are good opportunities for everyone.

Different kinds of health careers

Careers in Health

Careers in Health is not just about being a doctor, nurse or dentist. There are hundreds of different careers available for anyone who decides to follow a career in health

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Careers in ICT

Jobs in ICT come in all different varieties - find out how you can get started in the field, and get a job that suits your needs!

lawyer holding a book

Careers in Law

There are many job opportunities for someone interested in law. Find what job suits you and your needs!

Lab Technician

Careers in Science

There is more in science than you think. Explore the different careers that you can find in the science sector.

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GCSE choices

GCSEs and other pre-16 qualifications support your future learning and get you ready for Post-16 learning

A group of school students posing for the camera

Go to School

Get the most out of your time at school by avoiding absence, learning well, taking up activities and other opportunities and solving problems quickly when they happen

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Higher Education

Explore the different ways to study for a Higher Education qualification

home education

Learning at Home

Most of Oxfordshire’s children and young people go to school or college – but some are educated at home


Opportunities Noticeboard

Posters, notices and fliers about open days, job clubs, training, learning and more for young people in Oxfordshire

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Pass Exams

Learn how to do your best, and what to do if results are not as hoped

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School leaving age

Children must stay in education, training and learning until age 18. This can be at school, college, or (after age 16) in a job with training, like an apprenticeship.

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Traineeships are flexible training programmes for young people aged 16 to 24 years

Three apprentices being shown how to use machine at work by manager

Training Providers

Local training providers offer alternative options for 16+ learning, including community-based programmes, engagement, and specialist support

two happy young people reading exam results together

Results Day

Results day can feel like an anxious time. But even if your results are not what you hoped you can still find a great place to study