When a child under 18 is being hurt, victimised, or sexually abused it is a crime and you need to report it right away.

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Types of Abuse

Abuse is a crime. It can happen to boys and girls of any age. Find out how you can take steps to end abuse, and what help is available in Oxfordshire to keep all young people safe.

Pregnancy choices

Asking for help

Oxfordshire is a great place to grow up and be successful. But if there are problems in your life, you may need help to get the best start in life.

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Using digital devices and mobile phones to hurt, annoy or harass people is bullying. Learn how to use digital devices safely and supportively.

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Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse is when someone is being hurt or victimised by their partner. It is a crime and is never okay.

What does Honour-based abuse include?

Honour based abuse

Honour based abuse is any kind of abuse done to somebody because of beliefs or customs about how someone should behave. Honour based abuse is illegal in the UK and a serious crime.

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Modern slavery

Modern slavery is when someone is forced to work for no money. It is illegal and a form of abuse.

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Young people are at risk from being targeted by extremist and terrorist groups for radicalisation

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Find out more about the risks of sending nudes, and hear what young people in Oxfordshire had to say about sexting

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Sexual Assault & Rape

Sexual assault is when someone touches you in a way that is inappropriate and against your wishes

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Many young people are worried about terrorism. But terrorist acts remain rare, and everyone can act to make their communities a safer place for everyone.

Artqwork by CSE survivor

The Kingfisher Gallery

As part of their recovery, young survivors of child sexual exploitation being supported by Oxford's Kingfisher Team have created artworks, to share their experiences and messages with other young people and their supporters.

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Victims of Crime

Know what to do if you or someone you know has been a victim of crime.