Find things to do and places to go for young people in Oxfordshire, including clubs, holiday activities and more.

Two friends sat down on a tennis court. One is bouncing a tennis ball on a tennis racket.

Activities Oxfordshire

Activities Oxfordshire lists things to do and places to go for young people in Oxfordshire

Two happy friends outside with a basketball

Find an Activity

Doing fun activities in your free time boosts your wellbeing, extends your social group and helps you learn

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When you're going to school, work or out to have fun, travel safely and confidently

young person playing tennis outside

Keeping Fit

Exercise is fun and good for you – here are some more good reasons to get moving

OXME  art 2018


Why should you take part in art?

man on bike

Cycling safety

Information, tips, and links to help you stay safe when cycling

Two young men out walking, one helping the other climb a rocky slope

Duke of Edinburgh

The Duke of Edinburgh programme helps young people aged 14-24 develop skills and fulfil their potential

Three people kicking footballs around cones


Football is one of the most exciting sports in the world and it brings a variety of people together

Band playing a gig


Why you should pick up an instrument if you haven’t already!

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Outdoor Safety

The weather in England is usually mild, but you need to take extra care in rain, sun, and freezing temperatures.

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River Safety

Oxfordshire is a county of rivers, canals and waterways; do you know how to be safe on and around the water?

Four girls at a swimming pool


Swimming is a great form exercise whatever your age or ability