Anti-Bullying: Be safe and happy

Feeling safe is a crucial part of being safe; here are some ways to help yourself feel better.
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Staying safe is not just about not getting hurt or injured. It's also about making sure that you feel OK, and not too stressed.

Finding ways to relax and de-stress

If you are having problems, it is important that you solve them But it is also important to look after yourself. You need to get the anger out, do things that you enjoy and make sure that you carry on doing the things that make you feel happy.

Ways to relieve stress and tension:

Some people find taking part in sports or martial arts is very helpful, other people prefer listening to or making music, or creating artworks. Whatever you are doing make sure it makes you feel happier and more relaxed, not stressed and tense.

Play games, especially ones where you hit things, to let off steam. Exercise, do sports, jump up and down, hit a pillow. Sing loudly, laugh, scream or shout (somewhere where you won't be heard!)

Things that can help you relax and be happy:

Taking a walk, looking at nature or taking some time out to daydream can all help you get happier. If you're not sure what makes you happy, trying making a list. Here are some things to get you started:

Read a book, watch a film, look at pictures. Draw a picture, write things down, take a photo, make some music. Stroke and fuss your pets.

Stop feeling afraid by:

Being afraid is sensible if you are in serious danger. But it can also become a painful habit that makes you scared to do things. You need to do things that help you feel brave:

Doing adventurous things like high ropes and climbing. Staying in places where you feel safe and happy, like your garden or home, going to groups that offer interesting activities and a more structured environment, like cadets. Looking after other people, helping out family members and caring for pets, are all things that you can do to help you feel brave.

Staying safe when you're out and about

There are things you can do which will make you feel safer and they will also make you seem less vulnerable to other people. Usually, three simple rules are enough:

Be confident and sensible. Stick with your friends. Don't get into fights.

If these things don’t work – and sometimes they might not – it’s important to remember that it’s not your fault if someone bullies or attacks you. Safety is everyone's responsibility. We all need to work together to keep the peace.

Stay safe at school, at work and in clubs

If you're at school, work or at an organised club there should be an anti-bullying policy and practice in place. This means that the people in charge will have rules about bullying to make it harder for people to get away with it. These might include:

Having rules everyone knows about. Doing exercises or training about bullying. Training to help you sort out arguments and keep the peace.

If you suffer bullying at school, work, or at an organised club, you should always tell whoever is in charge.

If you’re worried about bullying please tell someone you trust or phone Childline on 0800 1111.

To find out more about anti-bullying work in Oxfordshire please e-mail:

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