Bullying is a really common problem, so you need to know how to stop it happening, and what to do if it does happen to you, or to someone else

Red hands

Self Harm

Self harm: spotting the signs, identifying risks and helping someone at risk

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Stress and anxiety

Everyone feels stressed sometimes and it can be useful and motivate your mind. But if you feel too much stress, too often, and can't calm down, then there may be a problem.

Bullying at School


Bullying isn't just a problem for young people at school. Most people are bullied at some point in their lives. But if you are bullied, you can take action.

Let's stop bullying

Anti-bullying posters

These posters and other resources were created by young people who entered the Annual Oxfordshire Anti-Bullying Week Competitions

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Using computers, tablets and mobile phones to hurt, annoy or harass people is bullying. Learn how to protect yourself and help others fight cyberbullying.

A Young Man sprays graffiti onto a wall


Worried about gangs? If you or a friend are thinking about joining a gang, are already involved, or want to leave, you can find help and support here.



Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender or Questioning - find out more about sexuality and gender identity.

E-Safety poster

Safer Internet Day 2016 Competition Winners

The theme for Safer Internet Day 2016 was Play your part for a better internet - across Oxfordshire, young people entered our Safer Internet Day competition; you can see the winners here

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Staying safe online

The internet is an important part of life and learning, but you should be aware of problems you might have online and take steps to be safe.

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Victims of Crime

If you or someone you know has been the victim of a crime, it pays to know what to do.