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Having a voice, listening to you, taking you seriously and making friends.
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The Children in Care Council (CiCC) is a group of children and young people with experience of being in care. They help improve how children are cared for in Oxfordshire. There are Chairs, Deputies and Ambassadors who drive forward the agenda.  

About the Children in Care Council

The CiCC, which sits in the Virtual School, helps make sure Oxfordshire County Council lives up to the promises it made to look after children and young people in care, as best as they can. This is called ‘Corporate Parenting’, and there is a Corporate Parenting Panel  which works with the Children in Care Council to make sure adults hear what children and young people are saying and do something about it. 

CiCC news:

Chef Supreme Team

On 2nd April 2023 the CiCC took part in a MasterChef style event called Chef Supreme. Read more about this in the CiCC Latest news article.

CiCC Halloween Meeting

On Friday, 28th October 2022 Children in Care Council members came together at Oxford City Farm to have some fun whilst officers facilitated discussions that help us to develop and improve our services for children.

In addition to exquisitely carving pumpkins and making delicious pumpkin soup, the children contributed and benefited from discussions on matters of great importance both to them and indeed all our children.

Christmas fun at Hill End

Members of our Children in Care Council (CiCC) came together at Hill End for a Christmas Festive meal. This was the first face to face festive meal since lockdown so we were all very excited to come together, have fun, have a singalong, make some Christmas cards, eat some lovely food and play.

As part of the afternoon the children shared their thoughts on CiCC and what it meant to them. The children were clear about the importance of CiCC, as a space where they could have ‘a voice, make friends and have fun'.

The CiCC has four main meetings a year with Senior Officers so major issues can be discussed. There are also many ways in which we try to hear the voices of those in care, including: Mind Of My Own app, surveys and events. CiCC members also participate in a number of events and conferences to promote their cause. 

Take action: CiCC members hold bi-monthly sessions for new members, so they don’t feel anxious about coming to main meetings or about being involved.

Being a member of the CiCC

Any child or young person who is in care or leaving care can join the CiCC. You should be enthusiastic and passionate about helping improve the care system and try to attend our meetings, which are informal, relaxed and fun. It’s your chance to have a say and make friends along the way.

Apart from having fun we chat about issues which are important to you. So, we could ask about your education or if you feel safe, but we will never put you on the spot!  We promise to listen to you, take you seriously and feedback to you on what has happened as a result.

Being a member is voluntary, but you get a Certificate of Involvement and learn new skills which may be useful for life, school, college, university or an Apprenticeship.

Have questions? If you have any questions about being a member of CiCC, please contact: James Collins via phone: 07803 287813 or email:

About the meetings

Our meetings are informal and fun. We let you know before the meeting the venue, times and what to bring on the day. If  you can't use public transport safely, or get a lift, we may be able to arrange transport for you. We also have nice food, and you will get a reward for your participation. This is your opportunity to make a real difference!

How to apply

Any child or young person who is in care or leaving care can join the CiCC, and help make a real difference for Children in Care in Oxfordshire. If you're interested in joining the Children in Care Council please contact:

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Hi there,

Are there any printed pamphlets I can have in order to share with young people I work with?

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