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Doing fun activities in your free time boosts your wellbeing, extends your social group and helps you learn
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Studies show that young people who enjoy just two hours of structured activities a week do better at school and stay in learning longer. 

Take Action: Check local papers, noticeboards, and ask at your school or college, as well as searching online to find an activity. 

Why Activities Matter

Taking part in activities is fun. Having fun is good for you. But there are lots of other benefits.

A group of young people called Young Auditors looked at the benefits they got from doing activities:

  • Builds positive feelings and confidence
  • Made me more enthusiastic about a future career
  • Improved my independence

Studies show that young people who take part in roughly two hours of organised activities weekly do better as they get older.

You can see this in their social groups, their learning outcomes and even things like whether they get in trouble, or what jobs they have.

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Get involved, get active and be creative

Activities Oxfordshire is a website listing activities, events and places to go and things to do for young people aged 13-19 (up to 25 with learning difficulties and disabilities) in Oxfordshire.

Start searching Activities Oxfordshire today to find hundreds of ways to meet new people and do something different!

Finding activities online

One of our work experience students investigated how to find activities online. 

Take action: There are many websites where you can find activities to do, for example: Activities Oxfordshire and Active Oxfordshire. Activities such as taking a walk, cooking or painting can help build dignity and self-esteem.

In my opinion, I think that you should ask your friends for activities and if you think that it sounds good, try it out and make new friends. This can help all young people to be in a community of fun and it will help them with new skills, new knowledge and new experiences. - Murat, 15, Oxford

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