Learning to drive

When you turn seventeen you can learn to drive a car - find out how
young person sat in a car holding car keys

When you turn seventeen you can start learning to drive a car. Before you take a driving lessons you will need to apply to get your provisional driving license. 

Take Action: Apply for your provisional driving license on the government website. 

Taking lessons

Once you have your provisional license you can start learning to drive. 

Some people learn to drive in their parents or carer's vehicle. But most people take driving lessons with a driving instructor. 

Take Action: You can find approved driving instructors on the DVSA website. 

Theory test

Before you can take your practical driving test you will need to take your theory test.

You must pass your theory test before you can book your practical driving test.  

Be Prepared: Find out how you can be prepare for your driving theory test.

Practical driving test

After you pass your theory test you can book your practical driving test.

There are a local driving test centres around Oxfordshire, including Oxford, Banbury, and Newbury. 

Instant Expert: Got a driving test coming up? Make sure you know what you need to take with you

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