Recovering after a crime

Information, self-help tips, and places to access support with recovering after a crime
comforting a friend

After a crime has been committed you might feel lots of different emotions, but this is normal, and these feelings should fade over time. These things can help:

  • Spending time somewhere where you feel safe
  • Talking to family and friends, or trained workers
  • Do something relaxing to take your mind off it

Take action: Make sure that the crime has been reported. You can report directly to Thames Valley Police, but there are also different ways that you can report a crime.

Accessing support:

Sometimes it can take longer to recover after a crime, and extra support is needed. There is lots of support available, including:

Crucial: You can also get support from your GP or School Health Nurse

Other places to access access support with your mental include:

Crucial: Victims First provides free emotional and practical support to all victims and witnesses of crime. It’s available across Oxfordshire and can provide help to people of all ages.  

Support from SAFE!

If you’re aged 8 to 25, live in Oxfordshire and have been affected by crime, SAFE! can offer you support. This video explores how SAFE! works with young people to help them feel safe and move forward.

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