Stay safe when you are out and about, having fun, online and everywhere else

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Illegal Highs

New drug-like substances are sometimes known as ‘legal highs.' But they are illegal and have serious health risks. People who buy and sell 'legal highs' are breaking the law.

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Self Harm

Self harm: spotting the signs, identifying risks and helping someone at risk

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When you're going to school, work or out to have fun, travel safely and confidently

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Alcohol & safer drinking

Every year, young people drink less alcohol. But for some, drinking heavily and getting drunk is still a risk

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Child Sexual Exploitation

Child sexual exploitation is a form of child abuse where an adult targets a vulnerable child, often during their teenage years, to sexual abuse them

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Stop smoking

Information on how to get help if you, or someone you care for is smoking

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If you or someone you know is having difficulties with bullying, you can take action

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Using digital devices and mobile phones to hurt, annoy or harass people is bullying. Learn how to use digital devices safely and supportively.

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Cycling safety

Information, tips, and links to help you stay safe when cycling

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Driving safety

Younger drivers may be more at risk on the road, but everyone can learn how to drive more safely

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Fake news, and how to spot it

We all like to share news stories with our friends on social media, but do any of us check if the stories are actually true?

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Worried about gangs? You can find information, help and sources of support here.

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Modern slavery

Modern slavery is when someone is forced to work for no money. It is illegal and a form of abuse.

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Outdoor Safety

The weather in England is usually mild, but you need to take extra care in rain, sun, and freezing temperatures.

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Personal Safety

Staying safe when you're out and about is important so plan ahead, take care, look out for each other and know how to get help

Young person sat on the floor wearing headphones and looking at phone


Young people are at risk from being targeted by extremist and terrorist groups for radicalisation

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River Safety

Oxfordshire is a county of rivers, canals and waterways; do you know how to be safe on and around the water?

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Find out more about the risks of sending nudes, and hear what young people in Oxfordshire had to say about sexting

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Staying out of Trouble

If you are worried that you or your friends are getting into trouble, there are things you can do to help

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Staying safe online

The internet is an important part of life and learning, but you need to stay safe online

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Terrorist acts are rare, and everyone can act to make their communities a safer place for all

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The Justice System

Why do children and young people commit crimes? And what happens if you do?

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Victims of Crime

Know what to do if you or someone you know has been a victim of crime.