Terrorist acts are rare, and everyone can act to make their communities a safer place for all
Sad looking young person sat down in dark alley

Terrorist attacks are rare, but are still a worry. But you can take action to help protect yourself and your friends:

Everyone can make it harder to plan or carry out an attack.

Crucial: Most people who go on to commit terrorist acts first went through a process called radicalisation. This involves things like viewing extremist content online and developing violent and intolerant opinions. Find out more, including how to report a concern about someone you know

Look out for suspicious behaviour

You should report suspicious activity or behaviour. Usually young people choose to:

  • Talk about concerns with a responsible adult
  • This could be your parents, your manager at work, or someone at your place of learning.

If you have concerns and you are not convinced they are being taken seriously, you can report online at gov.uk/act or call the police confidentially on 0800 789 321.

Crucial: Concerns passed on by members of the public have stopped terrorist attacks. You can find out more on the Thames Valley Police website.

What to do in an attack

Find out more

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