Meet the EET Team

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Find out more about our team and what we do.

Ever wondered what the team who brought you this website do? The size of our team and the diversity of what we do might surprise you! 

EET Tracking:

Part of our team track young people aged 16-19 to help them stay in education, employment or training - that's over 12,000 young people! If you, or somebody that you know are NEET (not in education, employment or training), support can be found on our Opportunities page

The National Citizen Service:

Another part of our team work for the National Citizen Service, which delivered an exciting four weeks programme for hundreds of children across Oxfordshire.  

Digital Safeguarding:

Our team also provides Digital Safeguarding support to the Family Solutions Service and provide information to Oxfordshire's young people and professionals and safeguarding support, via this website and our social media channels.   

EET Casework:

Lastly, our EET Caseworkers support all NEET young people, that's around 300 young people in Oxfordshire, aged 16-20! They also provide 'Choices' sessions at Family and Children Centres, where you can drop in and get support with  earning, helping to find learning/training and build skills and resilience. 

You can find out more about our team by downloading our Meet the EET Team flyer

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