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Personal development

Supported Internship is a great way to develop employment skills and to move into a real job. It’s designed to help foundation learners, and is similar to an apprenticeship as a way to support people to acquire skills to gain success in the job market. Oxfordshire Employment works together with Mencap and your college to support you to learn in the workplace with all the support you need.

The employer providing your work placement will invest in you and there is a real chance of a job if things go well, and your college will support you with the learning you need for work. Oxfordshire Employment and Mencap provide the support you need to find an employer that wants to work with you, you’ll also get help with all the paperwork, travelling and all the support you need when you start the job.

Each intern can expect to spend 3 days each week with their host company, developing real workplace skills. One day a week of college-based learning is also included, and you’ll get one day off. As a supported intern, you remain a college student, and the internship follows the college year, starting in September and ending in July. If the internship doesn’t lead to paid employment, Oxfordshire Employment and Mencap will continue to work with you until a successful outcome is achieved


Learners aged 16-24 who have a learning disability can join the programme, provided that you have an EHCP. (Educational Health Care Plan)

You need to be enrolled at one of the colleges who provide Oxfordshire Supported Internships.

How to apply

Ask to meet one of our Internship  Advisors. You can do this at a college event, or by making a separate appointment. You might want to bring your parents along too. You’ll be helped to fill-in a simple application form, and we’ll talk to the college to make sure they support your application.


Call 01865 815809 for more information.

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Oxfordshire County Council and Mencap

Oxfordshire Employment Units 5 & 7
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