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TVP eye looking through screen
18 May 2020
Since lockdown, Thames Valley Police have reported a big increase in reports of online crime - do you know who you are talking to?
mental health
11 May 2020
Support for young people aged 18-25 who are struggling with their mental health or wellbeing.
Childnet Film Comp Poster 2020
5 May 2020
Childnet have now opened their film competition for their 11th year.
Young man smiling laptop
29 April 2020
Online CHOICES sessions to start taking place from May 4th.
girl on laptop
26 April 2020
A free digital skills programme from the South and Vale Business Support Team.
NHS Coronavirus - protect yourselves and others
20 April 2020
Information, tips and where to get support on your wellbeing during lockdown.
colourful art
6 April 2020
You can't visit the library at the moment, but services are still available online - and you can take part in this new art and poetry competition for children and young people in Oxfordshire.
COVID 19 Survey banner
2 April 2020
A survey which aims to track children and young people’s mental health throughout the COVID-19 crisis.
Two boys playing computer games
24 March 2020
During Coronavirus restrictions we have been asked to limit travel as much as possible. Here are some of our ideas to help children and young people stay healthy and happy while being unable to leave their home.
NHS Coronavirus - protect yourselves and others
16 March 2020
COVID-19 is a new illness that can affect your lungs and airways. It's caused by a virus called coronavirus. People all over the world are taking action to stop it spreading, and to find good ways to treat and stop the disease.
Smiling woman snapping a cigarette in two
11 March 2020
Find out more about No Smoking Day, including tips, ways to stop and where to find support.
Oxfordshire Youth Awards 2020
4 March 2020
Local awards for young people in Oxfordshire.
NCW 2020
2 March 2020
National Careers Week 2020 is taking place from 2nd-7th March and provides a focus on careers guidance and opportunities.
reading a book
24 February 2020
Children's mental health books, as part of Reading Well for Children, are now available at Oxfordshire Libraries.
girl holding cookie
19 February 2020
FREE two-week training programme for young people interested in working in security.