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Young children's thumbs up
21 June 2019
Oxfordshire Virtual School have enrolled all ‘Looked After Children’ under the age of 5 in Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library book gifting programme.
Male holding mug
20 June 2019
A short survey which gives young people a chance to give their thoughts and opinions on safeguarding and what's important to them.
Girl alone
17 June 2019
The summer is a great time - good weather, time for friends, and lots to do. But it pays to take time to look after mental wellbeing - as it's easy to get gloomy when weather turns bad and plans have to change.
Young Children
10 June 2019
Everything you need to know to make the most of your summer!
Hands in air
3 June 2019
All you need to know to stay safe this summer.
Activites Oxford Logo
30 May 2019
This survey gathers information about children and young people's satisfaction with the quality, quantity and accessibility of activities in Oxfordshire. Activities take place in your leisure time, are organised and support your wellbeing.
Still from a video about Criminal Drug Exploitation
22 May 2019
Criminal Drug Exploitation is when criminals bully, force or persuade people, including children, to carry, store or sell drugs.
MHW 2019
13 May 2019
This week is Mental Health Awareness Week 2019, and the theme this year is body image - how we think and feel about our bodies
Film Comp
9 May 2019
Childnet are running their annual competition for young people aged 7-18 to create a film about internet safety.
Orion Nebula
30 April 2019
Explore your Universe 2019 – find out fun science activities that are coming in Banbury
Child sat on a railway platform hiding her face
18 March 2019
March 18th is the day the world unites against child sexual exploitation - make sure you would know what to do, if you're worried about yourself, a friend, or anyone else
Smiling woman snapping a cigarette in two
12 March 2019
It’s National Non-Smoking day! It’s time to exchange your cigarettes for a brighter future without them. The use of cigarettes affects you, your future and your loved ones. Not worth it, right?
city centre
12 February 2019
Oxfordshire Health have created four informative films that help to explain mental health conditions which affect young people, explore treatment options, and understand the experience of living with a mental health condition.
Safer Internet Day 2019
30 January 2019
Safer Internet Day 2019 will be celebrated globally on Tuesday 5th February with the slogan: ‘Together for a better Internet’.
5 January 2019
Information about becoming a Summer Reading Challenge volunteer with Oxfordshire libraries.