Drug and Alcohol misuse support

Help for young people misusing drugs and alcohol is available from the Aquarius service
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Young people under 19 can get free help to address drug and alcohol misuse in Oxfordshire. This is from a service called Aquarius. It can provide:

  • Support from specialist workers
  • Access to treatment
  • Support for young people affected by someone else’s use, for example a parent or older sibling.

You can ask for help for yourself, or someone else like a family member. You can ask a teacher or worker to help you get support or ask for you. You can even help a friend ask for help.

Crucial: If you are already getting support from an EET Worker or your local Children and Family Centre, it’s really easy to get support. Just ask to speak to a Specialist Drug and Alcohol or Aquarius worker.

Support available includes:

  • Structured 1:1 Support.
  • Individual sessions for young people who are misusing drugs and or alcohol to reduce risks and bring about behaviour change.
  • Hidden Harm Support - Structured individual sessions for children and young people whose parents, carers or other members of the family are misusing drugs or alcohol.
  • Brief Advice & information – One-off brief advice & information sessions aimed at reducing risk.

Young people may also be referred to other services to help address other issues.

Crucial: Adults can also ask about support from their Children and Family Centre, if the substance misuse if causing problems in the family, or from their Doctor (GP). There are also charities like Alcoholics Anonymous and Turning Point Roads to Recovery which can provide help and treatment.

Drugs and the developing brain

Although drug addiction can happen at any age, children and young people are more vulnerable to bad effects. This is because of their developing bodies and brains. Drug misuse causes problems with sleeping, studying, health development, training for sports and more. Many people choose not to drink or take drugs for health reasons.

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