Health for Young Parents

Information for young mothers and fathers about health care and staying healthy in pregnancy and after your baby’s birth.
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After you have made your pregnancy choices, there are a lot of different people who will help a young mother and father on their journey to parenthood.

Regular visits with health and social care providers such as your GP, midwife, and health visitor will help you during and after pregnancy. They will look after your well-being and your physical health.

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When you decide to continue with a pregnancy, you will be given an appointment through your GP surgery to see the community midwife. During this appointment you will be asked to fill in forms and be given information to help you in early pregnancy.

It is good for the baby’s father to come, or you can bring a supportive friend or parent.

Your midwife will be the health professional you see most often during your pregnancy. You will have regularly scheduled appointments with your midwife. It is important to attend these as the midwife will do routine tests and make measurements to make certain your baby is growing the way it ought to.

You may find you are referred to a specialist midwife service for young parents. They are trained to deal with the issues which face younger parents. Your health and wellbeing, and that of your baby are very important to them.

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You may see your GP (doctor) at any time during your pregnancy if you have concerns about your or your baby’s health.

You may have regular appointments with your GP to make sure your and your baby’s health are good.

Six weeks after your baby is born both the mother and the baby will have a check with the GP to make sure both of you are in the best health possible.

Health Visitor

The health visitor service provides both antenatal (during pregnancy) and postnatal (after birth) care.

Crucial: Learn about the role of health visitors and the support they offer to new parents in this video.

Your health visitor is a good person to ask questions to about your baby’s health and care. They will make visits to your home, and sometimes you can see them at your GP surgery or a children’s centre.

Family Nurse Partnership

As a teen parent, you may be offered a Family Nurse once you have met your midwife.

They are very skilled nurses who will support you with just about everything you need to be the best parents you can be. Each programme is as individual as the mum, and focusses on what will help you and baby, from building confidence and improving anxiety to practical things like breastfeeding and immunisation.  

Family Nurse Partnership is available to mums under 20 years old when they became pregnant, who are having their first baby. The Family Nurse Partnership in Oxfordshire can be contacted by calling 01865 904145 and are happy to answer any questions.

Having your baby

Oxfordshire has two maternity hospitals and four community midwifery-led units.

If your pregnancy is uncomplicated you may choose to give birth at a community midwifery-led unit, otherwise you will attend a hospital.

The father can attend the birth but only if you wish him to be there. You can have a friend or parent attend the birth as well.

Activities for babies and children

Playing, having fun and doing regular, fun, interesting activities is crucial to baby. 50 Things To Do Before You’re Five gives you great activities that parents and carers can help their children to try out and repeat. Each of the 50 Things have been carefully developed by education experts, early years workers and parents. Children with special education needs are included, and each of the 50 Things means something across culturally diverse communities.

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Activities for young parents

After the baby comes, young parents often find they don't do as much as they used to. But you still need to do regular fun things to keep healthy, and continue learning. This keeps you healthy and happy, which is also great for baby. A group of young mums in Oxfordshire have put together this young parents leaflet to help you find activities you can do, and about how to find childcare so you can do them.

Take Action: Download the Fun Activities for Young Parents in Oxfordshire guide, or read our the Young Parents Booklet online below.

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