Learning for Young Parents

Young parents still need to stay in education, employment or training and your learning provider should support you to complete your studies
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Most young people choose to stay in learning until they are age 18. Staying in learning until you are 18 could be:

Your school or college will have guidance around the amount of time you will have off to look after your child.

Crucial: You can get financial support to help you stay in learning. It's called Care to Learn

Staying in school

Schools are not allowed to exclude you for being pregnant. 

You will be supported to remain in school throughout your pregnancy, and have time off for:

  • Antenatal appointments
  • Any healthcare you need during your pregnancy
  • Birth and time to bond with and care for your baby

There are rules about how much time you have off. But your school or college will also have guidelines. Any rules of guidelines should support you to stay in learning.

Crucial: Your school will also make sure you are able to take your exams and make any arrangements to make this as easy as possible for you.

For dads at school

Dads are also offered support to help them care for their child and complete their education. This includes:

  • Leave to attend antenatal appointments
  • Leave to attend the birth of your child
  • Paternity Leave of up to two weeks

Studies show that children do better when other family members and fathers are involved and support mum. 

Good to know: Find out more about being a young father.

For mums and dads in apprenticeships

Apprentices have a right to maternity and paternity leave and, women may be eligible for statutory maternity pay.

Instant Expert: Find out everything about maternity and parental rights for apprentices.

Support to stay in learning

Young parents take a break from learning. But you will have opportunities to stay in touch with your place of work or learning. These might be called keep in touch days. 

For young parents not in education, employment or training (NEET) the EET Support Service can help. 

Take Action: The Young Women's Trust's Work it Out programme provides free life, confidence and work coaching for young woman aged 16-30.

Going back to learning or work after having a baby

When people go back to work or learning after having a baby, it is normal to be worried about how things will go. Check out our Youtube playlist for some inspirational videos from mums talking about how they made it work for them.

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