Youth Study 2021

A young boy kicks a foot ball in a field.
Oxfordshire Youth are wanting to hear from you!

Oxfordshire Youth are finding out about the Services available to young people to help make sure that the youth offer in Oxfordshire fits the needs of young people, like you and your friends. If you are aged between  11 and 25, and live in Oxfordshire, you can get your voice heard on Oxfordshire Youth's Smart Survey Page.


The Youth Study asks young people about services and opportunities, outside of education settings, that they can access. This could include be anything from a sports club to a performing arts group! If you aren't involved in these things, it is still important to get your voice heard, so sparing 5 minutes to complete the survey would be really useful!


This research is happening on behalf of Oxfordshire County Council, to ensure that young people's needs for activities and services are met.


Access the survey on the Oxfordshire Youth's Survey on The Smart Survey page.


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